Port Denia | Superyacht Marina and Shipyard Spain

Marine Engineering

Such precise and sophisticated mechanics require the best services. In Varadero Port Denia we work on all pieces and on all areas. Leaning on our vast experience, we shall endeavour to resolve all mechanical issues of your vessel. Backed up by the state of the art machine workshop our engineers will service shafts, rudders, propellers, stabilizers, valves and seacocks. We are partnered with the leading manufacturers of marine engines and will provide certified service to MTU, Caterpillar, Man and Volvo.



We specialise in:

Diesel Motors

- Compressors
- Ventilators
- Turbo pumps/ Motorised pumps
- Differentials / Multipliers

Overboard Valves and Seawater Taps

- Manual valves
- Balloon valves
- Security valves
- Control valves
- Motorised valves
- Pneumatic valves
- Hydraulic valves

Auxiliary Equipment

- Generators
- Filter systems
- Waterworks
- Compressors

Boilers and Furnaces

- Smoke and air pipes
- Serpentines
- Re-heaters
- Temperature regulation
- Membrane walls
- Combustion chambers
- Burners

Heat Exchangers

- Cleaning
- Maintenance
- Security valves
- Re-channeling


- Pipes
- Structures
- Equipment
- Support
- General boiler making